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Paddle through the enchanting nature of wilderness.

Bring your family on a day trip along Ljusnan River, enjoy a picnic and go for a swim. The trip starts at Flon in Bruksvallarna and ends at Bruksgården in Funäsdalen.

Topsport Funäsdalen rents canoes, phone number +46 684-214 35. Every Tuesday, Strapatser organizes a guided tour along this stretch. Sign up by calling +46 684-211 21.

If you’re yearning for a greater and perhaps longer adventure, you can rent a canoe and paddle for a few days in Rogen, discovering the beautiful nature reserve. The Rogen area stretches all the way to Norway. If you’re lucky you might see a great deal of Funäsfjällen’s wildlife, such as bear, lynx, wolverine, moose, eagle, reindeer, or musk-ox. Keep in mind when out in Rogen that you are in the wilderness, far from civilization. Topsport rents canoes in the area and also arranges transport to Lake Kärringsjön where canoes are brought up.